17 months agoIOT-3079 Fix change port number issue 41/25441/4
Jeonghwan Kim [Thu, 24 May 2018 01:09:49 +0000 (10:09 +0900)]
IOT-3079 Fix change port number issue

When using provisioning tool, this code change to target dev's port number.
reproduction case is below in provisioning tol.

1. Discovery All devices or unowned devices.
2. do Ownership transfers.
3. hard reset device.

4. Discovery All devices
5. Do Ownership transfer.

it happens to error in provisioning tool because of changing to target's port number


Change-Id: Ie5bcc1be58bc11609dd3bcc0b674d64202ed4573
Signed-off-by: Jeonghwan Kim <>
17 months agoRemoving arduino files that came back in merge 49/25449/1
Mats Wichmann [Thu, 24 May 2018 13:19:02 +0000 (07:19 -0600)]
Removing arduino files that came back in merge

A merge commit unintentionally brought back previously deleted arduino
sample code.  Removing again.

Change-Id: I77284bea5ba0bec2c0ee8e065a831727d624b742
Signed-off-by: Mats Wichmann <>
17 months agotizen: Only support IP transport by default 27/24927/8
Philippe Coval [Tue, 24 Apr 2018 13:57:57 +0000 (15:57 +0200)]
tizen: Only support IP transport by default

It looks like BLE support has been dropped,
while some bits are remaining, check for:

Change-Id: Idb99ebfbd721c6abb5ce6cfcf2c381ece195ffc8
Signed-off-by: Philippe Coval <>
(cherry picked from commit b08cb060de3421b9277c097c18d369c3eb682248)

17 months agotizen: Add dockerfile to rebuild package 51/23451/8
Philippe Coval [Fri, 24 Nov 2017 17:31:47 +0000 (18:31 +0100)]
tizen: Add dockerfile to rebuild package

  docker build -f tools/tizen/Dockerfile .


  docker 17.12.1-ce
  gbs 0.25.2

Change-Id: I5feec4f3b0e70831c6069e78473e1374b45aeadf
Signed-off-by: Philippe Coval <>
17 months agoFix recently introduced python2-ism 77/25277/2
Mats Wichmann [Wed, 16 May 2018 16:32:27 +0000 (10:32 -0600)]
Fix recently introduced python2-ism

print statement needs to be a function

Change-Id: Iaa163903749e64156a2cbbb9a97f4dd1da9ff901
Signed-off-by: Mats Wichmann <>
17 months agoDocumentation improvements to layout and grouping 35/24535/12
Mats Wichmann [Sun, 25 Mar 2018 18:07:27 +0000 (12:07 -0600)]
Documentation improvements to layout and grouping

All four doxyfiles are updated to current template
  (newer doxygen version) by running doxygen -u
iotivity logo is added, doxyfiles point to it
C SDK adds individual listings for (some) libraries
xml template for C SDK displays library page
  doxygen thinks these are "modules", but mostly ok
xml template also displays "pages", which causes a
  a list of deprecated elements to be displayed
Some headers are marked up for their inclusion
  in libraries (work in progress). Libraries are
  "defined" in guides/Home.txt, so far with only
  minimal definitions - need improving.
An iotivity-specific css file is added, so far
  includes markup for two new elements (aliases)
Two aliases are defined, @experimental prints a section
  indicating the feature is experimental; @sideeffect
  takes one argument and prints a section with that
  argument as the body. Intended as a way to be able
  to note e.g. if a function causes allocations that need to
  be tracked - there are no current users of this alias.
Some minor doc cleanup is included.
Cloud auth.h emits errors on processing, those were
  fixed, some doc wording added, and the prototype
  for CloudStart was removed as there is no implementation.

Change-Id: I8a434bb3cb51523129ec8e478ac45ac196cf41b5
Signed-off-by: Mats Wichmann <>
17 months ago[IOT-3011] Deprecate PlatformConfig to match C++ 79/25279/4
Larry Sachs [Wed, 16 May 2018 20:56:06 +0000 (13:56 -0700)]
[IOT-3011] Deprecate PlatformConfig to match C++

In OCApi.h constructors for PlatformConfig that take ipAddress and port
as parameters have been deprecated.  These deprecated constructors are
now similarly removed from the JNI code and deprecated in the Java code.
Non-deprecated constructors are now available.

Sample code has been changed to use the new constructors.

Change-Id: I3daa9c4eac0480c8fd8d3be7a5d0a80dada8c902
Signed-off-by: Larry Sachs <>
18 months agoUplift rapidjson version to follow upstream 47/25247/3
Mats Wichmann [Tue, 15 May 2018 14:37:38 +0000 (08:37 -0600)]
Uplift rapidjson version to follow upstream

This is one of a series of patches to accomodate building
with gcc8.  rapidjson fails to build (line broken to quiet
gerrit line-length complaint)

 error: 'void* memcpy(void*, const void*, size_t)'
 writing to an object of type
'class rapidjson::GenericValue<rapidjson::UTF8<> >'
 with no trivial copy-assignment; use copy-assignment or
 copy-initialization instead [-Werror=class-memaccess]
             std::memcpy(data_.a.elements, values, count * sizeof(GenericValue));

Fortunately, the current upstream version builds fine.

Change-Id: Ib64fd73bb4d16487db951823adcfcca7f57e435c
Signed-off-by: Mats Wichmann <>
18 months agonotification: Enable SECURED build of unit tests. 71/22171/14
Pawel Winogrodzki [Sat, 8 Jul 2017 00:28:37 +0000 (17:28 -0700)]
notification: Enable SECURED build of unit tests.

The notification consumer and provider tests didn't include
the "SECURED" macros for builds with security turned on, even
though it seems clear from the code, that it expected that macro
to be present in some cases.

Change-Id: I1166a60c2ad821a7d6002e22a8c9e8bda7321800
Signed-off-by: Pawel Winogrodzki <>
Tested-by: jenkins-iotivity <>
Reviewed-by: Dan Mihai <>
Reviewed-by: Phil Coval <>
(cherry picked from commit e3968b9a84ac1e577feac2924980a0ffc6846f21)

18 months agoAdded OCF secure apps in examples/OCFSecure 97/25097/2
Rami Alshafi [Fri, 15 Sep 2017 18:12:05 +0000 (11:12 -0700)]
Added OCF secure apps in examples/OCFSecure

Added OCF secure server sample application in C++.
Added OCF secure client sample application in C.
Added supporting json and dat files putting the applications in RFNOP state.
Added README file descriping how to use the sample applications.
Added utilities file containing utility functions used by the server
and client applications.
Added SConscript to build the secure samples and modified the SConscipt in
the root directory to include the new SConscript.

Change-Id: I9e1cd4647b55b3e95d1455d7939f13bf3451fd1b
Signed-off-by: Rami Alshafi <>
(cherry picked from commit 3974e003fb14a6269ab93d3c2c865e7cb65ce11a)

18 months agotizen: Enable TCP 93/15193/16
Philippe Coval [Tue, 4 Oct 2016 08:37:48 +0000 (10:37 +0200)]
tizen: Enable TCP

This change was applied downstream,
so for tracking it is shared upstream,
but I feel that if this feature should be turned on
It should be done globally in build_common

Change-Id: I56b8abcea1a3397f546ef0b8edc42711ff62b9d8
Signed-off-by: Philippe Coval <>

18 months ago[IOT-3044] No response for Ping message 81/24581/7
Veeraj Khokale [Thu, 5 Apr 2018 09:35:54 +0000 (15:05 +0530)]
[IOT-3044] No response for Ping message

TCP adapter disconnects the session whenever
the data to be sent has an empty payload.
Since ping messages and signaling messages
need to have an empty payload they are dropped.
Fix this by checking if the message is a signaling
message before dropping it.

Change-Id: I1cfad27fcfd5cf3a42510412e6555b84ea905259
Signed-off-by: Veeraj Khokale <>
18 months agoAdd csdk API to send COAP ping messages over TCP 89/24489/8
Koushik Girijala [Mon, 26 Mar 2018 12:53:15 +0000 (18:23 +0530)]
Add csdk API to send COAP ping messages over TCP

Add csdk API in ocstack to send COAP ping messages
over tcp.

Change-Id: Idbe257c1baa90a7cabce6fe6113ab09fb5644eab
Signed-off-by: Veeraj Khokale <>
Signed-off-by: koushik girijala <>
18 months agoRemove unimplemented single thread headers 01/25001/2
George Nash [Tue, 1 May 2018 22:11:09 +0000 (15:11 -0700)]
Remove unimplemented single thread headers

the headers caedradapter_singlethread.h and
cainterfacecontroller_singlethread.h have no
implementation associated with these headers.

The implementation was most likely removed when
arduino support was removed.

Change-Id: Idef573722c51f465d8b83378b5751244ef78ffc6
Signed-off-by: George Nash <>
18 months agombedtls: Install Static libs 89/24889/2
Philippe Coval [Tue, 24 Apr 2018 09:16:30 +0000 (11:16 +0200)]
mbedtls: Install Static libs

Change-Id: Ia69fc0a9d7b0624a13c7d3ef2ba6a0e921ea4ba3
Signed-off-by: Philippe Coval <>
18 months agoMerge branch '1.4-rel' (811a49a) 01/24901/1
Philippe Coval [Wed, 25 Apr 2018 08:20:59 +0000 (10:20 +0200)]
Merge branch '1.4-rel' (811a49a)


Change-Id: I811a49a882b09f00a8e6729fe855142b1400a0a7
Signed-off-by: Philippe Coval <>
18 months agoFix Memory Leaks (valgrind) 07/24607/3
George Nash [Sat, 7 Apr 2018 00:19:49 +0000 (17:19 -0700)]
Fix Memory Leaks (valgrind)

This fixes memory leaks reported by valgrind

Change-Id: I99fe0b69e2c466e495f19bffd2226ebcd019cc85
Signed-off-by: George Nash <>
18 months agoUninitialized payload pointer mey be freed 25/24825/5
Mats Wichmann [Sat, 21 Apr 2018 12:55:39 +0000 (06:55 -0600)]
Uninitialized payload pointer mey be freed

initialize response on declaration; don't free if pointer is null.

Change-Id: I9936a4f24c4ab6f8c322a2493ab5a1c303cd97cb
Signed-off-by: Mats Wichmann <>
18 months agoFix uninitialized value (valgrind) 05/24605/2
George Nash [Fri, 6 Apr 2018 21:38:47 +0000 (14:38 -0700)]
Fix uninitialized value (valgrind)

Valgrind reported that the buffer was not initilized
before being used for a conditional jump. This change
zero ('/0') intilizes the buffer.

Change-Id: I51d1716167f3da628783bef6bd733ab06e24de1e
Signed-off-by: George Nash <>
18 months agoDrop unneeded libcoap references 77/24877/1
Mats Wichmann [Tue, 5 Dec 2017 14:52:07 +0000 (07:52 -0700)]
Drop unneeded libcoap references

We know they're unneeded because they are malformed: LIBS will be
turned into -l calls, which prepends 'lib', which means these three
are actually references to liblibcoap, which does not exist.

Change-Id: I4cacbbdf81651a768d6a1840e7c67fbcac48bfeb
Signed-off-by: Mats Wichmann <>
18 months agoAdd unused markers if MULTIPLE_OWNER is undefined 41/24841/2
Mats Wichmann [Mon, 23 Apr 2018 16:18:47 +0000 (10:18 -0600)]
Add unused markers if MULTIPLE_OWNER is undefined

Several functions in one source file have code which is bracketed
by #ifdef MULTIPLE_OWNER. If not defined, these trigger warnings
about unused parameters; since warnings now cause error, this is
fatal. Add OC_UNUSED() wrappings for these.

Change-Id: I6b6320e8a6444a43c6400527f2f982a39a3d9128
Signed-off-by: Mats Wichmann <>
18 months agoAdd python version to build output 39/24839/2
Mats Wichmann [Mon, 23 Apr 2018 15:48:55 +0000 (09:48 -0600)]
Add python version to build output

For diagnostic purposes, also include the Python version

Change-Id: Idfceca024d3e9c18acd9e72fa637a94128e97ea4
Signed-off-by: Mats Wichmann <>
18 months agoresource: prevents copy elision 17/8517/13
Gregg Reynolds [Tue, 7 Jun 2016 06:13:38 +0000 (01:13 -0500)]
resource: prevents copy elision

eliminate warning: moving a local object in a return statement prevents copy elision

Change-Id: I8a2bc85fb2d8f6e31d04e067a4476970d7d657c6
Signed-off-by: Gregg Reynolds <>
18 months agoStatic analysis: add dtor in bridging curl-client 53/24753/2
Mats Wichmann [Wed, 18 Apr 2018 21:48:11 +0000 (15:48 -0600)]
Static analysis: add dtor in bridging curl-client

Coverity analysis points out _MemoryChunk struct has a ctor which
malloc's memory, but no dtor to free it.  It's one byte, not going
to lead to memory exhaustion (!) but let's keep to good practices.

Change-Id: I3dccb8b6355b6cdee0110653074f748abf9a2c16
Signed-off-by: Mats Wichmann <>
18 months ago[IOT-2908] Build fail for option WITH_CLOUD. 79/23879/3
Harry [Mon, 27 Nov 2017 10:46:30 +0000 (16:16 +0530)]
[IOT-2908] Build fail for option WITH_CLOUD.

Printing int64_t value as "%ld" triggered build
failure as int64_t is "long long int" in 32 bit linux
environment. Using "PRId64" so that compiler chooses
"long int" or "long long int" based on it's architecture.

Change-Id: I92c22a312465875cfd0b077c85d215ac9aa4d0d1
Signed-off-by: Harry <>
18 months agobuild: Disable MOT by default to align spec 93/21493/17
Philippe Coval [Mon, 17 Jul 2017 17:17:11 +0000 (19:17 +0200)]
build: Disable MOT by default to align spec

An extra build job might be requiered to turn on all features

Change-Id: I9bed4ade3fb12747e35d390b4a4e0339288ff564
Signed-off-by: Philippe Coval <>

18 months agoiOS:Fix to build IoTivity 1.3.1 provisioning 71/24071/9
Yogisha Poojary [Fri, 2 Feb 2018 13:38:00 +0000 (08:38 -0500)]
iOS:Fix to build IoTivity 1.3.1 provisioning


Dependency::If8eb4fd34191da7144f39b9e6d1870209d17c9ca Ia97785ff88ef0b7e83538f09a394eefe824ba54f

Change-Id: I04014707bfdd22caab570cd7d2b0de23caa9e2ba
Signed-off-by: Yogisha Poojary <>
18 months agotinycbor: Update to v0.5.1 43/24743/4
Philippe Coval [Wed, 18 Apr 2018 13:04:40 +0000 (15:04 +0200)]
tinycbor: Update to v0.5.1

Change-Id: I1f59d7d0dc13e00d041d6feb465a359cd7388282
Signed-off-by: Philippe Coval <>
18 months agombedtls: catch errors, stop using os.system 49/24549/2
Mats Wichmann [Sun, 4 Feb 2018 15:54:06 +0000 (08:54 -0700)]
mbedtls: catch errors, stop using os.system

Change-Id: Id743749b817f4b345181c3ec96bad76b87f541fa
Signed-off-by: Mats Wichmann <>
18 months agoMerge "Merge branch '1.3-rel' (0615f17)"
Mats Wichmann [Fri, 20 Apr 2018 12:48:25 +0000 (12:48 +0000)]
Merge "Merge branch '1.3-rel' (0615f17)"

18 months ago[IOT-3022] Plugfest hotfix 4 75/24775/3
Aleksey Volkov [Tue, 17 Apr 2018 13:28:52 +0000 (16:28 +0300)]
[IOT-3022] Plugfest hotfix 4

-- return empty filled response from /oic/cloudconf in case if cloud data is not provisioned
-- add rt and if fields to the RETRIEVE response payload

Change-Id: I37adc9b039e1ab9377b8024552eee4fb1e3ed1ab
Signed-off-by: Aleksey Volkov <>
18 months agoJava example of OCF Light Server 39/24539/14
Larry Sachs [Mon, 2 Apr 2018 22:32:27 +0000 (15:32 -0700)]
Java example of OCF Light Server

Change-Id: Ia1583c9dbea61572f0cb1a3fa4bfcf3962ebfcec
Signed-off-by: Larry Sachs <>
18 months agocloud fix #1 71/24771/1
Aleksey Volkov [Wed, 18 Apr 2018 13:30:26 +0000 (16:30 +0300)]
cloud fix #1

a) mandatory fixed
b) apn param usage in signup
c) clean

Change-Id: I615432439a68600f00d7335d3641c7d7499c8955
Signed-off-by: Oleksandr Dmytrenko <>
Signed-off-by: Aleksey Volkov <>
(cherry picked from commit 0532f6be172f805384e4c1b5fc549f183a45b3b5)

18 months agoignore: generated files from debian 49/24749/2
Philippe Coval [Wed, 18 Apr 2018 16:49:01 +0000 (18:49 +0200)]
ignore: generated files from debian

Change-Id: Ifc7d3179993ad3a10cf866f0ae648c7cd4fd00c7
Signed-off-by: Philippe Coval <>
18 months agocloud fix #1 27/24727/4
Aleksey Volkov [Wed, 18 Apr 2018 13:30:26 +0000 (16:30 +0300)]
cloud fix #1

a) mandatory fixed
b) apn param usage in signup
c) clean

Change-Id: I615432439a68600f00d7335d3641c7d7499c8955
Signed-off-by: Oleksandr Dmytrenko <>
Signed-off-by: Aleksey Volkov <>
18 months agoMerge branch '1.3-rel' (0615f17) 73/24373/12
Philippe Coval [Wed, 18 Apr 2018 14:21:47 +0000 (16:21 +0200)]
Merge branch '1.3-rel' (0615f17)


Change-Id: Icf3012285f8eff116acc3d8971a293e12af38f8d
Signed-off-by: Philippe Coval <>
18 months agostatic analysis: buffer size violations 63/24163/7
Mats Wichmann [Thu, 15 Feb 2018 20:15:35 +0000 (13:15 -0700)]
static analysis: buffer size violations

fix reported "might leave destination string unterminated" when
using strncpy and the size argument is the size of the desitnation
buffer. There are several ways to fix, but the IoTivity API OCStrncpy
adjusts the size before calling the underlying fuction and so fixes
the problem. This is the coding standard recommendation anyway.

for instances in examples, oic_string.h is not in the public API,
so just fix up the counts.

bridging/common/messageHandler.cpp had a third strncpy which was not
flagged - but it was using a constant that did not match the size
in the destination - MPMResourceList.href is size MPM_MAX_URI_LEN,
so this was adjusted.

service/notification/src/consumer/NSConsumerCommon.c had this construct:
   sizeof(char) * NS_DEVICE_ID_LENGTH
in several places (one of which was one of these strncpy calls that
was changed). the instances were shortened NS_DEVICE_ID_LENGTH for
readability. This is not fixing any reported problem and can be
dropped if it bothers reviewers.

Change-Id: I8f22f7dd704849477dad0dd1f16cd9276ebf1d04
Signed-off-by: Mats Wichmann <>
18 months ago[IOT-3022] 37/24637/4
Oleksandr Dmytrenko [Thu, 12 Apr 2018 13:52:33 +0000 (16:52 +0300)]

outdated cloud sample removed

Change-Id: I8d8991d1e6f5f0879c3a168b7807680710b2e0a2
Signed-off-by: Oleksandr Dmytrenko <>
18 months ago[IOT-3022] 27/24527/22
Oleksandr Dmytrenko [Fri, 30 Mar 2018 09:02:00 +0000 (12:02 +0300)]

a) cloud resource unittests
b) amacl resource make cbor fix

Change-Id: Ib4d56f3105e060656d52f5b0b498ae188fe42c03
Signed-off-by: Oleksandr Dmytrenko <>
18 months agoEnhanced comment ratio for le_adapter 17/24617/6
Kush [Tue, 10 Apr 2018 09:47:53 +0000 (15:17 +0530)]
Enhanced comment ratio for le_adapter

Change-Id: I893246e60d959efa65741635e8e8b286e05a0b4d
Signed-off-by: Kush <>
18 months ago[IOT-3022] Plugfest hotfix 3 23/24723/3
Aleksey Volkov [Tue, 17 Apr 2018 12:46:03 +0000 (15:46 +0300)]
[IOT-3022] Plugfest hotfix 3

- add coapcloudconf uri to DCR list
- start cloud signin on RFNOP, not on RFPRO

Change-Id: Id52b650a23c82830a2641d5e0e5b94af79aa0c27
Signed-off-by: Aleksey Volkov <>
18 months ago[IOT-2052] Update to support OCF 1.0 47/24647/3
v.riznyk [Fri, 13 Apr 2018 15:17:00 +0000 (18:17 +0300)]
[IOT-2052] Update to support OCF 1.0

missing fix for task, changed size of map

Change-Id: I8a6cf6fc06058c003da3ec52d695aa0dd303c63f
Signed-off-by: v.riznyk <>
19 months ago[IOT-3022] plugfest hotfix 91/24691/2
Aleksey Volkov [Mon, 16 Apr 2018 14:24:42 +0000 (17:24 +0300)]
[IOT-3022] plugfest hotfix

Change-Id: I9ffd0a80eef1343c28034dfb66edc7d55cb5e8de
Signed-off-by: Aleksey Volkov <>
19 months agoRE: Check MLK in resourceBroker unit-test 97/15397/44
Philippe Coval [Fri, 9 Dec 2016 23:09:48 +0000 (00:09 +0100)]
RE: Check MLK in resourceBroker unit-test

Change-Id: I0cc8d19fd693a2f10ac2230f0ca34a4ae4bc31ea
Signed-off-by: Philippe Coval <>
19 months ago[IOT-3040] OCProvisionTrustCertChain CB not called 85/24585/3
Vitalii Irkha [Thu, 5 Apr 2018 12:29:26 +0000 (15:29 +0300)]
[IOT-3040] OCProvisionTrustCertChain CB not called

SRPGetSpResourceCB registers any client responce.

Change-Id: Ib24479bfd76c8c683998ac4c7187dfc90fb47041
Signed-off-by: Vitalii Irkha <>
19 months ago[Resource-Encapsulation] Improved doxygen comments 61/23761/5
Jay Sharma [Thu, 12 Apr 2018 13:19:32 +0000 (18:49 +0530)]
[Resource-Encapsulation] Improved doxygen comments

Change-Id: I367e12d25e27b904a18bf9c6bb14c87001c3e20b
Signed-off-by: Jay Sharma <>
19 months agoc_common: Fix warnings in octhread.c 29/24129/4
Philippe Coval [Mon, 13 Nov 2017 14:09:38 +0000 (15:09 +0100)]
c_common: Fix warnings in octhread.c

They were discovered when building for Tizen:RT

Change-Id: Idea365f15f5aff38634e05914d9c55afe2d6bd8e
Signed-off-by: Philippe Coval <>
19 months agobuild: Update version to 1.4.0 21/24421/4
Philippe Coval [Mon, 19 Mar 2018 08:28:29 +0000 (09:28 +0100)]
build: Update version to 1.4.0

Change-Id: I3e6ab42060cd082094dd906e36897dc58f152773
Signed-off-by: Philippe Coval <>
19 months ago[IOT-3041] return OC_STACK_OK when pDev2=NULL 51/24551/2
v.riznyk [Tue, 3 Apr 2018 15:37:05 +0000 (18:37 +0300)]
[IOT-3041] return OC_STACK_OK when pDev2=NULL

The checking pDev2 was added to OCProvisionCredentials.

Change-Id: Ic289559c68250a1436fab64bcbd5dfb26d7eb4c8
Signed-off-by: v.riznyk <>
19 months ago[IOT-2052] Update to support OCF 1.0 73/24273/14
v.riznyk [Wed, 7 Mar 2018 11:53:48 +0000 (13:53 +0200)]
[IOT-2052] Update to support OCF 1.0

Update Cred recource with adding partial generating CBOR.

Change-Id: I25dcf3d020da09c67d0769eee8659d85253b4f5d
Signed-off-by: v.riznyk <>
19 months agoFix two more problems building with Python3 09/24609/3
Mats Wichmann [Sat, 7 Apr 2018 23:46:27 +0000 (17:46 -0600)]
Fix two more problems building with Python3

The boost script used string.replace() which is no longer
supported; problem did not turn up until trying a build on Windows

The security - provisioning - unittest script had a Windows
stanza for killing running server processes before launching a
new one. It printed the process id it was going to kill in a way
that caused an AttributError exception - this was a conversion
error from when print statement was changed to print function,
again the code path had not been hit. At the same time a second
exception ocurred because when the first exception took place the
script attempted to us the message attribute of the exception for
printing, but not all exceptions have such an attribute. Change
to just print the string representation of the exception, which
is more reliable.

Additionally, in the libcoap script, the term 'string' is used
which while not broken since the script never imports the string
module, is unnecessarily ambiguous. Use the Python recommended
disambiguation of adding a trailing underscore on an identifier
which might match one used by Python.

Change-Id: I635796a6442caacb6988e21dbe46938f860e333f
Signed-off-by: Mats Wichmann <>
19 months agoMemory leak in security spresource 15/24615/3
Mats Wichmann [Mon, 9 Apr 2018 15:52:53 +0000 (09:52 -0600)]
Memory leak in security spresource

In TestEncodeDecode, a profile is allocated and filled;
it is unwound but not deallocated, leading to valgrind
memory leak report like this:

32 bytes in 1 blocks are definitely lost in loss record 130 of 271

The freeing change eliminates nine such reports, one for
each call to the function.

Change-Id: I8b1223f7b832d4fafac4d7225ea2544fc348a7a4
Signed-off-by: Mats Wichmann <>
19 months agoUse `URI` all caps in documentation 59/24559/2
George Nash [Tue, 3 Apr 2018 19:00:18 +0000 (12:00 -0700)]
Use `URI` all caps in documentation

URI is all caps when used in documentation

Fixed instances where param document parameters
[in], [out] and [in,out] were used incorrectly.

A few other minor documentation issues cleaned up.

Change-Id: Ic9db0c22a667d371fd1ca00c60b5bbceba6a3c77
Signed-off-by: George Nash <>
19 months agoresource-container: Install unit tests 79/24479/4
Philippe Coval [Fri, 23 Mar 2018 10:44:03 +0000 (11:44 +0100)]
resource-container: Install unit tests

Change-Id: I1b88b500f18445ea145c24a8e52ea07c6b11c521
Signed-off-by: Philippe Coval <>
19 months agoFix issues found using static code analysis 89/24589/3
George Nash [Thu, 5 Apr 2018 18:32:14 +0000 (11:32 -0700)]
Fix issues found using static code analysis

Fixed possible issue that the for loop could be
accessing element outside the array. Replaced the
variables holding the size of the array with a
compile time calculation. Removed separate member varaible
use to track the size of the resource type array and
the resource interface array.

Changed the initialization of m_dimmingLightServer from
C++11 initializer list style to C++98 initializer style
due to this causing build failure on gcc/g++ v4.8.4.
Issue reported by Abhishek Pandey

Change-Id: I553e661dbd2e6fa3fe38d8694d88273c5b309c58
Signed-off-by: George Nash <>
19 months agoscene-manager: Install unit tests 85/24485/3
Philippe Coval [Fri, 23 Mar 2018 10:45:37 +0000 (11:45 +0100)]
scene-manager: Install unit tests

Change-Id: I9db429a928d6fb5084948a7122c2a4f0151829bd
Signed-off-by: Philippe Coval <>
19 months agoresource: Install unit tests 83/24483/6
Philippe Coval [Fri, 23 Mar 2018 10:45:14 +0000 (11:45 +0100)]
resource: Install unit tests

logger tests are renamed to more meaningful names,
note that yocto used different names (logger_test_c/cpp),
I aligned to upstream's sources.

Change-Id: Ib5eabdece4414801cd08d27671bb759d27914174
Signed-off-by: Philippe Coval <>
19 months agocsdk: Install unit tests 81/24481/4
Philippe Coval [Fri, 23 Mar 2018 10:44:47 +0000 (11:44 +0100)]
csdk: Install unit tests

Change-Id: Ie1e99e3c06d1723730d81621e78a941df1b031f9
Signed-off-by: Philippe Coval <>
19 months ago1.2 support 73/23873/8
Oleksandr Dmytrenko [Fri, 24 Nov 2017 12:24:17 +0000 (14:24 +0200)]
1.2 support

old version servers support

Change-Id: I2f7d54c0ff6b4a372b82c4e99263af4df2c98a4e
Signed-off-by: Oleksandr Dmytrenko <>
(cherry picked from commit cf3012285f8eff116acc3d8971a293e12af38f8d)

19 months agoIOT-3045 Fix return type of getResourceHandleAtUri 75/24575/3
George Nash [Wed, 4 Apr 2018 19:27:47 +0000 (12:27 -0700)]
IOT-3045 Fix return type of getResourceHandleAtUri

OcPlatfrom.getResourceAtUri should return null
when a resource is not found at the specified
URI. The class JniOcResourceHandle returned
a non-null value even when a null resourceHandle
was passed into the function. The assumption
when the code was originally created was that
it would return null. This assumption was incorrect.

This was tested by modifying simpleserver sample
Modifications not included as part of this commit.

Change-Id: I3e923dca3415e9e0ec473b1dd4ff4619538f325b
Signed-off-by: George Nash <>
19 months agoconnectivity: Declare strict void function 69/23969/10
Philippe Coval [Mon, 22 Jan 2018 09:06:39 +0000 (10:06 +0100)]
connectivity: Declare strict void function

Declare void functions as strict prototype

If built along -Wstrict-prototypes it will raise and error,
this is the case on TizenRT.

More patches to come to enable this flag by default.

Change-Id: I71c37805b5fb60b4d8e1c78845194979fb18f9af
Signed-off-by: Philippe Coval <>
19 months agosecurity: Declare strict void function 71/23971/6
Philippe Coval [Mon, 22 Jan 2018 09:09:35 +0000 (10:09 +0100)]
security: Declare strict void function

Declare void functions as strict prototype

If built along -Wstrict-prototypes it will raise and error,
this is the case on TizenRT.

More patches to come to enable this flag by default.

Change-Id: I8597f301bb7f2fbe11b4dc46f1eab8620a714da4
Signed-off-by: Philippe Coval <>
19 months agoeasy-setup: Install unit tests 77/24477/4
Philippe Coval [Fri, 23 Mar 2018 11:09:32 +0000 (12:09 +0100)]
easy-setup: Install unit tests

Change-Id: I36ec02bc79d41c8cc3627c51a6eecc6e5f322b17
Signed-off-by: Philippe Coval <>
19 months agotinycbor version bump 31/24531/2
Mats Wichmann [Sun, 1 Apr 2018 21:37:40 +0000 (15:37 -0600)]
tinycbor version bump

bugfix release: upstream is now on 0.5.1 - one fix is for a bug that an
iotivity user actually ran into, so it is a fix we want to pick up.

Change-Id: I0be712b375e16047161f5416fd2c61f94c676db3
Signed-off-by: Mats Wichmann <>
19 months agoSample implementation of ocf_light 63/24263/24
George Nash [Fri, 9 Feb 2018 22:57:25 +0000 (14:57 -0800)]
Sample implementation of ocf_light

This sample borrows a lot of code from the server
sample generated from the DeviceBuilder project

Eventhough this borrows a lot of code from the
DeviceBuilder project it has been modified to make
it more useful as an example separating the code into
smaller classes and adding helper classes.

This code has been run against the OCF CTT. See the file for more information about the CTT

Change-Id: If0ae5e3527517bb722648a614fbd96f13ad01144
Signed-off-by: George Nash <>
19 months agofix cloud unitialized pointer dereference 23/24523/1
Mats Wichmann [Thu, 29 Mar 2018 18:45:20 +0000 (12:45 -0600)]
fix cloud unitialized pointer dereference

Change-Id: I869aa695160203ebb1d0cb0701c3d43f55278c41
Signed-off-by: Mats Wichmann <>
19 months ago[IOT-2928][IOT-3017][IOT-3022] 27/24427/19
Oleksii Beketov [Wed, 28 Mar 2018 14:57:05 +0000 (17:57 +0300)]

The cloud provisioning:
1. sid add
2. get cloud status request add
3. Remove 'accesstoken' from coapcloudconf resource response

Change-Id: I5f5c1aa7ae414f02f6d1c288258084cacfdd1ed0
Signed-off-by: Oleksandr Dmytrenko <>
Signed-off-by: Oleksii Beketov <>
19 months agobuild: Align yocto to linux 57/24457/5
Philippe Coval [Thu, 22 Mar 2018 19:58:20 +0000 (20:58 +0100)]
build: Align yocto to linux

Until next refactoring it's safe to keep yocto aligned to linux,
at least only on this file, because OS is set to linux at bottom line.

Problem was observed when build using:


Change-Id: I2bd6d9e32c9819d6cd485dc9d7691e213f33f2a1
Signed-off-by: Philippe Coval <>
19 months agoAlign license file 45/24045/4
Mats Wichmann [Tue, 30 Jan 2018 19:02:13 +0000 (12:02 -0700)]
Align license file

The current file is modified from the Apache original.
The modification is mostly incorrect (the change made is
intended for other source files, as described in the Appendix
in the original, not for the license file itself).  Restored the
pristine original.

Main problem addressed: github mirror misidentifies the license
of the project, since the first few lines do not match the
known text of the Apache 2.0 license.

Change-Id: Ia994002384bf93fa999ac634bc6d4c711b5c9d60
Signed-off-by: Mats Wichmann <>
19 months agosecurity: Declare strict void function 27/24127/2
Philippe Coval [Fri, 9 Feb 2018 10:09:06 +0000 (11:09 +0100)]
security:  Declare strict void function

Declare void functions as strict prototype
If built along -Wstrict-prototypes it will raise and error,
this is the case on TizenRT.

More patches to come to enable this flag by default.

Change-Id: I126edf8d9f74bbe679617a84b2e964a546422709
Signed-off-by: Philippe Coval <>
19 months agoFix build warnings in credresource.c 95/24495/2
George Nash [Tue, 27 Mar 2018 19:33:46 +0000 (12:33 -0700)]
Fix build warnings in credresource.c

Fixed downcastig warning from size_t to int.

Fixed unused parameter warnings.

Change-Id: Ieb9139d79995bb09ce4afedcfe35b2293759f879
Signed-off-by: George Nash <>
19 months agoAdjust provisioning unit test 93/24493/1
Mats Wichmann [Tue, 27 Mar 2018 18:20:38 +0000 (12:20 -0600)]
Adjust provisioning unit test

A test of registerDisplayPinCallback passes a null callback
argument, and a valid callback handler pointer argument,
but checks the resolt for OC_STACK_INVALID_PARAM (which
would be the case if the handler pointer was null) instead

Change-Id: I9d5e529cc1e0da580f8cc853d6692ff8efb31b93
Signed-off-by: Mats Wichmann <>
19 months agoca ssl adapter msgs 13/24413/4
Oleksandr Dmytrenko [Fri, 16 Mar 2018 08:58:13 +0000 (10:58 +0200)]
ca ssl adapter msgs

Print ca ssl adapter messages

Change-Id: I8f044e368caf75dc0212fad4edffd6c8c5c14ca2
Signed-off-by: Oleksandr Dmytrenko <>
19 months agoCertificate Logging Improvement 73/24473/2
Oleksii Beketov [Mon, 26 Mar 2018 12:29:35 +0000 (15:29 +0300)]
Certificate Logging Improvement

Allow to log the cert entirely

Change-Id: I69cdef6f49323dda8c0d24df8b8f702f86847664
Signed-off-by: Oleksii Beketov <>
19 months agoUpdate sampleserver_justworks .json and .dat 23/24423/3
Nathan Heldt-Sheller [Mon, 19 Mar 2018 11:10:28 +0000 (04:10 -0700)]
Update sampleserver_justworks .json and .dat

This is the first of the applications to recieve an update to
the /acl2 .json to utilize the new "resources" wildcards.

This change (adding the two "+" and "-" entries in /acl2) should probably
be propagated to most sample applications, to give a consistent
example for vendors assessing IoTivity samples, but it is
not required for correction function.  The exception is an app
that is using the "*" wildcard to grant access to DCRs (e.g. the
SVRs) which will no longer work (but shouldn't have been done

Change-Id: I66e06432dead4ec90c17091352d2c19cab753bcf
Signed-off-by: Nathan Heldt-Sheller <>
19 months agostatic analysis: unintitialized struct 97/24197/8
Mats Wichmann [Sat, 17 Feb 2018 00:23:50 +0000 (17:23 -0700)]
static analysis: unintitialized struct

A couple of instances in this file do not initialize a struct,
while the majority do so using memset. Aligned so this source file
does things consistently. Two of these (lines 709 and 748 in the
original source) are causing Coverity static checker complaints
("uninitialized scalar variable") because the struct is assigned -
even though the member in question is never actually accessed.

Note according to my understanding, for c++ code, it is considered
better to use object initialization, although if the data is
only POD (Plain Old Data), the result does come out the same.
Thus, instead of:

    CAInfo_t responseData;
    memset(&responseData, 0, sizeof(CAInfo_t));

it is suggested to use:

    CAInfo_t responseData {};

we could adjust that in a separate change if people agree.

It should not actually be necessary to pre-fill the whole struct
with zeroes since the fields that matter get values in the tests
before use anyway. However the problem with CAInfo_t is that
someone thought it was a sensible idea to have a conditional
field in an important (public API) struct in cacommon.h:

typedef struct
    CAMessageType_t type;       /**< Qos for the request */
    bool skipRetransmission;    /**< Will not attempt retransmission even if type is CONFIRM.
                                     Required for packet forwarding */
    uint16_t messageId;
} CAInfo_t;

which means every valid use of CAInfo_t has to have the same #ifdef
ROUTING_GATEWAY bracketing to deal with this optional member. This
is absolutely horrid in a public API and should never happen -
it means the API is different if you use different compile flags.

Change-Id: If178c7d245142e166fa33447cd00946cff4a56fc
Signed-off-by: Mats Wichmann <>
19 months agoplugins: Install unit tests 69/24469/2
Philippe Coval [Fri, 23 Mar 2018 10:44:23 +0000 (11:44 +0100)]
plugins: Install unit tests

Change-Id: Ic4eca5d07e3a9e8c5fb7b2201a483b659a020d76
Signed-off-by: Philippe Coval <>
19 months agoSecurity Profile Resource Implementation 37/24337/12
Steven Saunders [Tue, 6 Mar 2018 23:18:21 +0000 (16:18 -0700)]
Security Profile Resource Implementation

Change-Id: I6aab60b562272f0c4f34233d89c2b8884677c42a
Signed-off-by: Steven Saunders <>
19 months agobuild: Enable proxy for linux_full 53/24353/4
Philippe Coval [Tue, 7 Nov 2017 14:20:52 +0000 (15:20 +0100)]
build: Enable proxy for linux_full

Change-Id: Id580b4f484be8263ea95375a7a7c62551688b8c5
Signed-off-by: Philippe Coval <>

19 months agoCertificate Logging. 33/24033/4
Steven Saunders [Mon, 29 Jan 2018 18:07:29 +0000 (11:07 -0700)]
Certificate Logging.

Ignore VSCode files in .gitignore.

Change-Id: I6278498245915df370937c69d4835fc8ce980c69
Signed-off-by: Steven Saunders <>
19 months agoexamples: Add notice about using experimental API 83/23483/6
Philippe Coval [Tue, 28 Nov 2017 08:44:42 +0000 (09:44 +0100)]
examples: Add notice about using experimental API

Change-Id: I14190ffe2f857d48e062f3f78e9b7b52123efe1b
Signed-off-by: Philippe Coval <>
19 months agoAnnotate deprecated functions with macro 87/24387/6
George Nash [Tue, 13 Mar 2018 22:57:46 +0000 (15:57 -0700)]
Annotate deprecated functions with macro

If a function was already marked as deprecated using
the @derecated doxygen annotation the OC_DEPRECATED_MSG
macro was added to generate compiler warnings when a
deprecated function was used.

The date the function was deprecated was obtained by
using git blame to find when the @deprecated tag
was added to the function documentation. The date the
tag was added was used in the macro.

Three instances of the function registerDeviceInfo
are marked as deprecated but the macro was not added
due to inheritance and mock objects implementing
their own version of the registerDeviceInfo. Caused
difficulty adding the macro to them without breaking
the build.

An attempt was made to clean up any remaining usages
of deprecated functions that were not part of unit tests.
It is possible that one or more instances of the
'registerDeviceInfo' function was missed.

Java is still using deprecated functions:
IOT-3011 and IOT-3012 to address the fact that Java is
still using deprecated functions.

Change-Id: I39b1af690b99d52f2e0d026e4c27b908e2f6c052
Signed-off-by: George Nash <>
19 months ago[IOT-2052] Update to support OCF 1.0 85/24385/3
v.riznyk [Tue, 13 Mar 2018 16:13:58 +0000 (18:13 +0200)]
[IOT-2052] Update to support OCF 1.0

Update Acl recource with adding partial generating CBOR.

Change-Id: I03853040433e091ecb99daa559e12cd37496b7ad
Signed-off-by: v.riznyk <>
20 months agoSupport Signaling Message for CoAP over TCP 57/24357/14 1.4.0-RC1
Harry [Tue, 6 Mar 2018 17:43:34 +0000 (23:13 +0530)]
Support Signaling Message for CoAP over TCP

Implement signalling messages as per COAP over TCP
spec in RFC 8323

Change-Id: I25baf80c4b4380d1f9f9a8f81281f371927f7ed1
Signed-off-by: Sushil Yadav <>
Signed-off-by: Veeraj Khokale <>
Signed-off-by: Harry <>
20 months agoDrop arduino support: SINGLE_THREAD 69/23869/4
Mats Wichmann [Wed, 3 Jan 2018 13:26:33 +0000 (06:26 -0700)]
Drop arduino support: SINGLE_THREAD

After dropping the other iotivity arduino support, the
SINGLE_THREAD usage which was only for the ardunio platform
(not capable of multi-threaded) remains.  Since arduino is
gone, this may be no longer needed.

This change is a followon to
for separate consideration.

Change-Id: Ie72873ba4ba90c10e9d8a41d638b0f7de3f76945
Signed-off-by: Mats Wichmann <>
20 months agoresource: Declare strict void function 61/23861/8
Philippe Coval [Mon, 13 Nov 2017 14:59:14 +0000 (15:59 +0100)]
resource: Declare strict void function

Declare void functions as strict prototype

If built along -Wstrict-prototypes it will raise and error,
this is the case on TizenRT.

More patches to come to enable this flag by default.

Change-Id: I742ca3720209eec1f58382abdaff88ae08006a0e
Signed-off-by: Philippe Coval <>
20 months ago[IOT-2928] Account/Tokens 71/24271/25
Oleksii Beketov [Fri, 16 Mar 2018 16:37:05 +0000 (18:37 +0200)]
[IOT-2928] Account/Tokens

The new cloud provisioning(CR1698v24)

Change-Id: I31873dc510455bc36905a35ea4f629dfdec33fd6
Signed-off-by: Oleksandr Dmytrenko <>
Signed-off-by: Oleksii Beketov <>
20 months agoEasy Setup CoAPCloudConf Resource Update 89/24389/9
Abhishek Pandey [Wed, 14 Mar 2018 13:14:22 +0000 (18:44 +0530)]
Easy Setup CoAPCloudConf Resource Update


In the upcoming version of OCF Spec, there are some changes in
definition of CoAPCloudConf Resource (oic.r.coapcloudconf). This patch
is for aligning the same with IoTivity implementation.

Following changes are done in this patch:

1) [Enrollee] Removed setting of Access Token Type (att) in GET
Response Payload.
2) [Enrollee] Removed reading of Access Token Type (att) from POST
Request Payload and passing a default value of "Bearer" to application.
3) [Enrollee] Removed Auth code Property from Enrollee. (this shouldn't
cause any harm).
4) [Mediator] Deprecated Getter and Setter APIs for Auth Code and
Access Token Type from Mediator

Change-Id: I6997b9e1b13cb9cd8bf95777e9984e4a749c87dd
Signed-off-by: Abhishek Pandey <>
20 months agoIOT-3010 Add OCPlatform::getResourceHandleAtUri 81/24381/5
George Nash [Mon, 12 Mar 2018 22:26:26 +0000 (15:26 -0700)]
IOT-3010 Add OCPlatform::getResourceHandleAtUri

This makes is possible to do things like get
the resource at `/oic/d` when to add the device

This helps developers to avoid mixing C and C++
code in their projects.

Updated Cpp samples and unit test code to use
the new function.

Change-Id: I781081a5889807cea59ca5b569561da5d7d748e4
Signed-off-by: George Nash <>
20 months agobuild: Check memory.h presence 91/23191/11
Philippe Coval [Tue, 14 Nov 2017 08:01:10 +0000 (09:01 +0100)]
build: Check memory.h presence

Some systems like TizenRT are not providing this header

Change-Id: I46b118113241c921d7502f640900d2d7537957d9
Signed-off-by: Philippe Coval <>
20 months ago[IOT-3007] Delete for /acl and /cred 59/24359/3
Nathan Heldt-Sheller [Thu, 8 Mar 2018 21:23:39 +0000 (13:23 -0800)]
[IOT-3007] Delete for /acl and /cred

Delete should be disallowed in RESET and RFNOP, just like Update is.

This is documented in CR 1805; see JIRA 3007 for details.

Change-Id: Ice108d3efa696b14e23e0e184784f0c17eacc524
Signed-off-by: Nathan Heldt-Sheller <>
20 months agoresource-encapsulation: Sync JSON and CBOR files 51/21851/10
Philippe Coval [Thu, 16 Nov 2017 16:52:20 +0000 (17:52 +0100)]
resource-encapsulation: Sync JSON and CBOR files

To avoid local changes on build,
let's commit the updated .dat files (using json2cbor)

Reminder, It's developer duty to commit those files on each changes on json source or any change that produce a different result

This way we're not leaving inconsistent binary files in tree.

JSON file was not modified because it is already in UNIX format

Note: those files may need to be updated to support current ACL
(and committed by security team, check status of json and dat files)

Change-Id: If35e21b531cc84a6e17a3edcae56bd35d33a8048
Signed-off-by: Philippe Coval <>
20 months ago[IOT-2931] additional ACE2 Resource wildcards 39/24339/3
Nathan Heldt-Sheller [Wed, 7 Mar 2018 08:27:03 +0000 (00:27 -0800)]
[IOT-2931] additional ACE2 Resource wildcards

Resource wildcards (*, + and -) are redefined in Bangkok to narrow
scope and reduce the number of Resources to which they apply.  New def'ns
"+" All discoverable NCRs which expose at least one Secure Endpoint
"-" All discoverable NCRs which expose at least one Unsecure Endpoint
"*" All NCRs

Change-Id: Ia5b145cd366c71aea3c4a8716930638430aea711
Signed-off-by: Nathan Heldt-Sheller <>
20 months ago1.2 support 45/23445/3
Oleksandr Dmytrenko [Fri, 24 Nov 2017 12:24:17 +0000 (14:24 +0200)]
1.2 support

old version servers support

Change-Id: I2f7d54c0ff6b4a372b82c4e99263af4df2c98a4e
Signed-off-by: Oleksandr Dmytrenko <>
20 months ago[IOT-2930] Device Config Resources 87/24287/5
Nathan Heldt-Sheller [Mon, 5 Mar 2018 21:51:43 +0000 (13:51 -0800)]
[IOT-2930] Device Config Resources

Adds functions to determine if a request is for a DCR; denies
requests for NCRs outside of RFNOP.

Note: the SRMIsSecurityVirtualResourceURI() function is not new, but
moved from secureresourcemanager.h to srmutility.h as it is used in
more than one SRM source file now.

Change-Id: I98c707fc6dcf46e903f6adf1c0485d4484f7a1a9
Signed-off-by: Nathan Heldt-Sheller <>
20 months agoresource-encapsulation: Install examples 79/23679/5
Philippe Coval [Thu, 7 Dec 2017 13:14:27 +0000 (14:14 +0100)]
resource-encapsulation: Install examples

Yocto manually installed then,
so let's rely on scons from now on.

Change-Id: Id4a3825bfdf29e2cfddaf15c17451c86c332d2c1
Signed-off-by: Philippe Coval <>
20 months agoOne more certprofile unit test 81/24281/3
Steven Saunders [Mon, 5 Mar 2018 17:29:33 +0000 (10:29 -0700)]
One more certprofile unit test

Change-Id: I0b55256c48fac998018a4a9089630d8b03e03482
Signed-off-by: Steven Saunders <>
20 months agoMerge "Merge branch '1.3-rel' (0c441f6)"
C.J. Collier [Wed, 7 Mar 2018 21:05:43 +0000 (21:05 +0000)]
Merge "Merge branch '1.3-rel' (0c441f6)"

20 months agoMerge branch '1.3-rel' (0c441f6) 45/24345/1
Philippe Coval [Wed, 7 Mar 2018 09:46:07 +0000 (10:46 +0100)]
Merge branch '1.3-rel' (0c441f6)

Change-Id: I0c441f6d94474bd18ba8b950d1d94f2523c9f36e
Signed-off-by: Philippe Coval <>
20 months agonotification: Sync JSON and CBOR files 35/24335/1
Philippe Coval [Tue, 6 Mar 2018 11:51:48 +0000 (12:51 +0100)]
notification: Sync JSON and CBOR files

File is updated after running test.

To avoid local changes on build,
let's commit the updated .dat files (using json2cbor),

Reminding, It's developer dutty to commit those files on each changes
on json source or any change that produce a different result.
This way we're not leaving inconsistant binary files in tree.

JSON file was not modified because it is already in UNIX format

Note: those files may need to be updated to support current ACL
(and commited by security team, check status of json and dat files)

Change-Id: I874c14c46c229ff9d0aee56000bd9c4f68786090
Signed-off-by: Philippe Coval <>