IOT-2793 Add introspection for simpleserver
[iotivity.git] / tools / vagrant /
2018-01-03 Ashok Babu ChannaMerge "Merge branch '1.3-rel' (acdf0b6)"
2018-01-02 Mats WichmannRemove arduino support 3/3 23/23723/5
2018-01-02 Philippe CovalMerge branch '1.3-rel' (acdf0b6) 53/23853/1
2017-12-18 Philippe CovalMerge branch '1.3-rel' (0f2ae82) 77/23777/1
2017-12-14 Phil CovalMerge "Merge branch '1.3-rel' (4239a6c)"
2017-12-14 Mats WichmannRemove arduino support 2/3 03/23703/8
2017-12-11 Philippe CovalMerge branch '1.3-rel' (4239a6c) 35/23735/1
2017-12-06 Philippe CovalMerge branch '1.3-rel' (36c7f82) 57/23657/1
2017-12-04 Philippe CovalMerge branch '1.3-rel' (5a1209c) 79/23479/4
2017-11-30 Philippe CovalMerge branch '1.3-rel' (e5418f06) 19/23419/6
2017-11-17 Philippe CovalMerge branch '1.3-rel' (5fdb8a1) 33/22733/9
2017-11-09 Dan MihaiMerge "Merge branch '1.3-rel' (5cfded4d) into 'master'"
2017-11-03 Mats WichmannUpdate vagrant config to ubuntu 16.04LTS 81/23081/7
2017-09-14 George NashMerge branch '1.3-rel (82aa07b) 77/22477/2
2017-09-14 George NashMerge branch '1.3-rel' (9fa8739) 75/22475/2
2017-09-14 George NashMerge branch '1.3-rel' (f7bfd4a) 71/22471/2
2017-09-12 Ashok Babu ChannaMerge "[IOT-2339] Add NULL check before variable access...
2017-09-12 Ashok Babu ChannaMerge "[IOT-2361] Perform NULL check before dereference...
2017-09-12 Randeep SinghMerge "[IOT-2634]Color log level" into 1.3-rel
2017-09-12 Randeep SinghMerge "[IOT-2641] /cred resource rownerid fix" into...
2017-09-12 Abhishek PandeyMerge branch 'origin/1.3-rel' into easysetup 31/22431/1
2017-09-12 Randeep SinghMerge "[IOT-2065] CloudAcl code conditionally compiled...
2017-09-12 Randeep SinghMerge "IOT-2539 removed unused code from subownerclient...
2017-09-11 Mats WichmannMerge "resource-encapsulation: Fix test's output filena...
2017-09-11 Mats WichmannMerge "provisioning: Support older python for tests...
2017-09-11 Nathan Heldt-ShellerMerge "[IOT-2696] Allow chain of certs in public data...
2017-09-11 Uze ChoiMerge "[IOT-2511] Get OCResourceHandle from resource"
2017-09-11 Randeep SinghMerge "security: Add roles cert null terminator" into...
2017-09-11 Randeep SinghMerge "IOT-2539 Remove missing-field-initializers warni...
2017-09-11 Randeep SinghMerge "IOT-2539 Removed unused-function" into 1.3-rel
2017-09-11 Randeep SinghMerge "IOT-2539 remove unused function warning" into...
2017-09-11 Randeep SinghMerge "[IOT-2539] Clean implicit-function warning"...
2017-09-11 Randeep SinghMerge "[IOT-2539] Clean sign-compare warnings" into...
2017-09-10 Mats WichmannMerge "Improve .gitignore slightly" into 1.3-rel
2017-09-10 Mats WichmannMerge "tools: Add exec permissions on scripts" into...
2017-08-30 Abhishek PandeyMerge branch 'origin/1.3-rel' into easysetup 25/22225/4
2017-08-24 Philippe Covaltools: Add exec permissions on scripts 63/22063/1
2017-08-16 Philippe CovalMerge branch '1.3-rel' (18653a80) 61/21961/2
2017-08-11 Philippe Covaltools: Add exec permissions on scripts 37/21537/5
2017-06-22 George Nash[IOT-2207] Update build to use android-ndk-r10e 39/20939/2
2017-06-15 Philippe CovalMerge branch '1.3-rel' (95fd9f5b) 55/20255/4
2017-06-12 Philippe CovalMerge branch '1.3-rel' (c95aa699) 05/20705/2
2017-06-08 Philippe CovalMerge branch '1.3-rel' (a7840d49) 65/20265/3
2017-06-06 George Nash[IOT-2207] Update build to use android-ndk-r10e 61/20561/3
2015-08-27 Vinil JainMerge branch 'master' into easysetup & CBOR changes 04/2304/1
2015-08-05 Sachin AgrawalMerge branch 'master' into 'security-basecamp' 13/2113/1
2015-08-03 Sachin AgrawalMerge branch 'master' into 'security-CKM' branch. 88/2088/2
2015-08-03 Harish Kumara MarappaMerge branch 'master' into simulator 86/1986/2
2015-07-30 Ossama OthmanClean up some SonarQube warnings (trailing whitespace... 80/1980/4
2015-07-16 hunje.yeonMerge branch 'master' into resource-manipulation 83/1683/1
2015-07-15 Sachin AgrawalMerge 'security-basecamp' branch into master with CBOR 74/1674/1
2015-07-14 Omkar HegdeCBOR rebase onto master for merge/review 13/1613/12
2015-02-22 William DieterAdded Vagrant config files that will create a build VM 83/383/2
2015-02-05 William DieterAdded Vagrant config files that will create a build VM 88/88/2