CBOR rebase onto master for merge/review
[iotivity.git] / resource / src / OCPlatform_impl.cpp
2015-07-14 Omkar HegdeCBOR rebase onto master for merge/review 13/1613/12
2015-06-30 Charlie LenahanFix issue the previous CreateResourceWithHost change 47/1247/2
2015-06-16 Sachin AgrawalIP address plumbing changes to support IPv6 81/1081/65
2015-06-01 Charlie LenahanRemove CreateResourceWithHost calls. 43/1143/3
2015-05-19 Mandeep ShettySpec compliance change to move oc/core/d to oic/p. 87/987/10
2015-05-12 sanjayshSpec Compliance change in interface names 56/956/7
2015-05-12 Erich KeaneFixes a large number of Klocwork identified issues. 42/942/7
2015-04-10 Erich KeaneMerge branch 'connectivity-abstraction' to master 92/692/20
2015-03-18 Sakthivel SamiduraiChangeset for reviewing RI-CA integration changes. 01/401/10
2015-02-02 Sashi PentaRemoved #ifdef CA_INTs and other code cleanup. 81/281/7
2015-01-20 Sudarshan PrasadMerge "Fix build warnings" into connectivity-abstraction
2015-01-19 Sudarshan PrasadMerge "C++ SDK Adding OCConnectivity Type" into connect...
2015-01-16 omkarC++ SDK Adding OCConnectivity Type 34/134/6
2014-12-26 Uze ChoiMerge "Soft Sensor Manager Build Error fix" into connec... 0.9.0-CA
2014-12-25 Sudarshan PrasadImplement ServerID parsing and sample app 44/44/5
2014-12-25 Sudarshan PrasadMerge "[CA Integration] Updated C sample apps to accept...
2014-12-25 Sudarshan PrasadMerge "[CA-Integration] Added connectivity type param...
2014-12-25 Sudarshan PrasadMerge "scons changes for connectivity-abstraction branc...
2014-12-24 Sudarshan Prasad[CA-Integration] Added connectivity type param in APIs 35/35/3
2014-12-24 Sudarshan PrasadMerge "Updates occlientbasicops to include (resource...
2014-12-24 Sudarshan PrasadMerge "[CA-Integration] fix for presence." into connect...
2014-12-23 Sudarshan PrasadMerge "Remove the dead code" into connectivity-abstraction
2014-12-23 Sudarshan PrasadMerge from master to connectivity-abstraction branch 25/25/1
2014-12-20 sudarshan prasadMerge "Fixing delete issue in device discovery server...
2014-12-19 sudarshan prasadMerge "Replaced sprintf with snprintf in the sdk to...
2014-12-19 Patrick LankswertMerge changes Ie4233a5c,I4d7aba08
2014-12-19 sudarshan prasadMerge "Fixed Warning in OCException"
2014-12-19 Uze ChoiMerge "Fix issues of Things Manager"
2014-12-19 Uze ChoiMerge "Add scons script and things manager samples."
2014-12-19 Uze ChoiMerge "[SSM] Reference & Trackee Thing release for...
2014-12-19 Uze ChoiMerge "[SSM] Apply OIC presence feature"
2014-12-18 omkarDevice Discovery - C & C++ SDK changes
2014-12-18 Ossama OthmanRemoved execute permissions from non-executable files.
2014-12-18 Uze ChoiMerge changes I21ded957,Ia1308e81,If6bccb8e,I6d548404
2014-12-17 sudarshan prasadMerge "Added code to send close_notify alert when OC...
2014-12-17 Patrick LankswertMerge "OIC scons build patch for Yocto"
2014-12-17 Uze ChoiMerge "Implementation of Things Manager feature."
2014-12-16 HyunJun KimImplementation of Things Manager feature.
2014-12-15 Uze ChoiMerge "There are Two modifications. 1. Restucturing...
2014-12-08 Sudarshan PrasadMerge branch 'master' into connectivity-abstraction
2014-12-05 sudarshan prasadMerge "Implement functionality to set PSK credentials...
2014-12-04 Doug HudsonImplement slow response feature.
2014-12-02 sudarshan prasadMerge "Implemented JSON Serialization using Cereal...
2014-12-01 Erich KeaneImplemented JSON Serialization using Cereal Library
2014-11-15 sudarshan prasadMerge "Support resource type for multicast subscription"
2014-11-15 Joseph MorrowActive Discovey Resource Type Filtering - C++ SDK ...
2014-11-14 Erich KeaneMerge "Implemented libcoap's tinyDTLS interface"
2014-11-13 Erich KeaneMerge "Added support for multicast presence"
2014-11-13 Uze ChoiMerge "fix coding standard problem"
2014-11-13 jjack.leefix coding standard problem
2014-11-10 jjack.lee(1) add platform overload api : registerResource(resour...
2014-11-06 William R. DieterRepo Merge: Moving resource API down a directory