Fix for tizen build failure issue.
[iotivity.git] / resource / csdk / SConscript
2015-05-21 Harish Kumara MarappaFix for tizen build failure issue. 66/1066/3
2015-05-14 Thiago MacieiraForce linking of liboctbstack to require all symbols... 21/921/3
2015-05-07 Thiago MacieiraFix linking of liboctbstack: conectivity_abstraction... 20/920/2
2015-05-01 Sachin AgrawalFixed a build issue noticed on the mailing list with... 75/875/3
2015-04-10 Erich KeaneMerge branch 'connectivity-abstraction' to master 92/692/20
2015-04-09 Rahul RahulGlib patch for Gnome-glib android build 23/623/11 connectivity-abstraction
2015-04-08 Charlie LenahanEnable compilation and functionality on darwin(osx) 68/668/6
2015-04-08 Caiwen ZhangFix x86 and x86_64 build errors 42/642/4
2015-04-07 Sachin AgrawalUpdated DTLS usage as per discussion 05/605/6
2015-04-07 Joseph MorrowAdd stack logging flag to scons build parameters. 57/657/3
2015-03-30 Charlie Lenahanchanges to build CSDK for iOS, make .frameworks 96/596/3
2015-03-26 Charlie Lenahanchanges to build csdk for os x(darwin) 81/581/3
2015-03-23 Ossama OthmanAutomatically detect C99 flags for supported compilers. 95/495/3
2015-03-18 Sakthivel SamiduraiChangeset for reviewing RI-CA integration changes. 01/401/10
2015-03-12 HyunJun KimAdd freature of Scheduled Group Action. 36/436/11
2015-03-05 Sachin AgrawalAdded workaround to enable security in CA branch 69/369/3
2015-03-02 Ossama OthmanDo not explicitly add "-fPIC" to the compiler command... 99/399/2
2015-02-19 Sachin AgrawalRemoved ocsocket 34/334/22
2015-02-12 Yuliya KamatkovaRemoved libcoap and occoap 17/317/12
2015-02-09 Caiwen ZhangAdd external package management support 38/138/9
2015-02-02 Sashi PentaRemoved #ifdef CA_INTs and other code cleanup. 81/281/7
2015-01-27 Sachin AgrawalUpdated RI layer to register 'GetDtlsPSKCredentials... 41/241/3
2015-01-20 Sudarshan PrasadMerge "Add missing enum value of OCStackResult to switc...
2015-01-20 Uze ChoiMerge "Improve usability of ActionSet for Group Action...
2015-01-19 Sudarshan PrasadMerge "C++ SDK Adding OCConnectivity Type" into connect...
2015-01-17 Sudarshan PrasadMerge "Fix zeroing of OCServerResponse payload array"
2015-01-16 Sudarshan PrasadMerge "Remove OCICUC from build and repo"
2015-01-16 Sudarshan PrasadMerge "Enable building C Samples using scons"
2015-01-16 Sashi PentaEnable building C Samples using scons 47/147/4
2015-01-16 Caiwen ZhangEnable building C Samples using scons 15/115/3
2015-01-07 Uze ChoiMerge "Fix some issues of GroupSynchronization - findG...
2015-01-05 Uze ChoiMerge "Fix some issues of GroupManager"
2014-12-30 Patrick LankswertMerge "This a complete version of OICMiddle. The ReST... 0.9.0
2014-12-30 Patrick C LankswertMerge "Android SDK - Initial commit and build system...
2014-12-30 Patrick C LankswertAndroid SDK - Initial commit and build system updates 73/73/10
2014-12-26 Uze ChoiMerge "Soft Sensor Manager Build Error fix" into connec... 0.9.0-CA
2014-12-25 Sudarshan PrasadMerge "[CA Integration] Updated C sample apps to accept...
2014-12-25 Sudarshan PrasadMerge "[CA-Integration] Added connectivity type param...
2014-12-25 Sudarshan PrasadMerge "scons changes for connectivity-abstraction branc...
2014-12-24 Sashi Pentascons changes for connectivity-abstraction branch 26/26/5
2014-12-24 Sudarshan PrasadMerge "Updates occlientbasicops to include (resource...
2014-12-24 Sudarshan PrasadMerge "[CA-Integration] fix for presence." into connect...
2014-12-23 Sudarshan PrasadMerge "Remove the dead code" into connectivity-abstraction
2014-12-23 Sudarshan PrasadMerge from master to connectivity-abstraction branch 25/25/1
2014-12-19 sudarshan prasadMerge "Replaced sprintf with snprintf in the sdk to...
2014-12-19 sudarshan prasadMerge "Fixed Warning in OCException"
2014-12-18 Uze ChoiMerge changes I21ded957,Ia1308e81,If6bccb8e,I6d548404
2014-12-17 Patrick LankswertMerge "Fixed build error"
2014-12-17 sudarshan prasadMerge "Added code to send close_notify alert when OC...
2014-12-17 Sudarshan PrasadFixed build error
2014-12-16 sudarshan prasadMerge "Fixed server crash on empty client payload"
2014-12-16 sudarshan prasadMerge "Fixed UnitTest crash when getting JSON from...
2014-12-15 Uze ChoiMerge "There are Two modifications. 1. Restucturing...
2014-12-13 sudarshan prasadMerge "Fixed IOT-110--Crash on destruction"
2014-12-11 sudarshan prasadMerge "Implementation of connectivity abstraction featu...
2014-12-11 Sudarshan PrasadMerge branch 'master' into connectivity-abstraction
2014-12-11 Patrick LankswertMerge "Update build scripts"
2014-12-08 Sudarshan PrasadMerge branch 'master' into connectivity-abstraction
2014-12-08 Caiwen ZhangUpdate build scripts
2014-12-05 sudarshan prasadMerge "Implement functionality to set PSK credentials...
2014-12-04 Doug HudsonImplement slow response feature.
2014-11-06 William R. DieterRepo Merge: Moving resource API down a directory