[IOT-2789]Fix for NS sample crash
[iotivity.git] / arduino.scons
2017-08-30 Abhishek PandeyMerge branch 'origin/1.3-rel' into easysetup 25/22225/4
2017-07-12 Pawel Winogrodzkicloud: SConscript cleanup. 89/21289/5
2017-06-28 Philippe Covalbuild: Reformat build_common SConscripts 23/20923/14
2016-02-29 Markus JungMerge branch 'resource-container' 39/5239/2
2016-02-26 Jee Hyeok KimMerge branch 'master' into cloud-interface 37/5137/9
2016-02-19 lankamadanMerge "Merge branch 'master' into easysetup" into easysetup
2016-02-19 lankamadanMerge branch 'master' into easysetup 69/5069/1
2016-02-03 Jihun HaMerge branch 'master' into group-manager 15/4915/1
2015-12-18 G S Senthil KumarMerge branch 'master' into simulator. 61/4661/1
2015-11-21 Abhishek Sharma[ARDUINO][BLE] Enable Arduino BLE support in RI sample 07/3807/4
2015-06-23 Madan LankaMerge branch 'master' into easysetup and fixed OCStack... 92/1392/2
2015-06-11 hunje.yeonMerge branch 'master' into resource-manipulation 41/1241/1
2015-06-08 Abhishek Sharma[ARDUINO] [BLE / IP] Fixed broken BLE build and IP... 92/1192/3
2015-05-05 Erich KeaneIntegrated WIFI/ETHERNET adapters to single IPAdapter. 52/752/19
2015-04-10 Erich KeaneMerge branch 'connectivity-abstraction' to master 92/692/20
2015-04-07 Joseph MorrowAdd stack logging flag to scons build parameters. 57/657/3
2015-03-18 Sakthivel SamiduraiChangeset for reviewing RI-CA integration changes. 01/401/10
2015-03-11 Joseph MorrowAdded SCons support for Arduino platform. 31/431/9
2015-02-09 Caiwen ZhangAdd external package management support 38/138/9
2014-12-17 sudarshan prasadMerge "Added code to send close_notify alert when OC...
2014-12-16 sudarshan prasadMerge "Fixed server crash on empty client payload"
2014-12-16 sudarshan prasadMerge "Fixed UnitTest crash when getting JSON from...
2014-12-15 Uze ChoiMerge "There are Two modifications. 1. Restucturing...
2014-12-13 sudarshan prasadMerge "Fixed IOT-110--Crash on destruction"
2014-12-11 sudarshan prasadMerge "Implementation of connectivity abstraction featu...
2014-12-11 Sudarshan PrasadMerge branch 'master' into connectivity-abstraction
2014-12-11 Patrick LankswertMerge "Update build scripts"
2014-12-08 Caiwen ZhangUpdate build scripts
2014-11-06 William R. DieterRepo Merge: Moving resource API down a directory
2014-10-08 Erich KeaneMerge "Revert "Fix to remove quotes around array of...
2014-10-08 Erich KeaneMerge "1. Fix for IOT-58. Set the resourceInterfaceName...
2014-10-08 Erich KeaneMerge "Fix compile error"
2014-10-08 Erich KeaneMerge "Broke out build script into variability.. Added...
2014-10-08 Erich KeaneMerge "Updated example program."
2014-10-08 Caiwen ZhangBuild system base on scons(oic-resource)