remove unneccessary brace code in NS logger.
[iotivity.git] / SConstruct
2017-02-24 Gaganpreet KaurInitial commit of the Bridging Project's Mini Plugin... 07/16707/41
2017-02-06 George Nashbuild: Clean build folders when using scons -c 77/16977/4
2016-12-14 Uze ChoiMerge "Merge branch 'notification-service' to master...
2016-12-12 George Nash[IOT-1089] Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/generic... 31/14931/5
2016-12-09 George Nash[IOT-1089] Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master... 93/15293/5
2016-12-05 George Nash[IOT-1089] Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master... 81/15081/3
2016-12-05 George Nash[IOT-1089] Changed BUILD_JAVA from Enum value to Boolean 79/15079/2
2016-11-28 George NashMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into gener... 65/14865/1
2016-11-18 George Nash[IOT-1089] Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master... 23/14523/2
2016-11-11 George Nash[IOT-1089] Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master... 31/14231/2
2016-11-08 George Nash[IOT-1089] Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master... 31/13531/3
2016-11-07 George Nash[IOT-1089]Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master... 15/12915/21
2016-10-24 Petre Eftime[IOT-1089] Change Android build system to accomodate... 95/7895/12
2016-07-11 uzchoiMerge branch 'master' into extended-easysetup 71/9271/1
2016-07-11 uzchoiMerge branch 'master' into notification-service 69/9269/1
2016-07-04 Jee Hyeok KimMerge branch 'master' into cloud-interface 19/9119/1
2016-07-01 David AntlerMerge branch 'windows-port' 41/8441/20
2016-06-15 David AntlerMerge branch 'master' into windows-port 45/8645/6
2016-06-15 Hun-je YeonMerge branch 'master' into notification-service 61/8661/1
2016-06-13 David AntlerMerge branch 'master' into windows-port 29/8629/2
2016-06-06 David AntlerMerge branch 'master' into windows-port 01/8501/1
2016-06-02 David AntlerMerge branch 'master' into windows-port 35/8435/1
2016-06-02 David Antler[Win32] Modify SConscripts to prepare for VS 07/8107/23
2016-05-20 David AntlerMerge branch 'master' into windows-port 59/8259/1
2016-05-20 Daniel Ferguson[Win32] Add SCons support for building /resource 05/5505/20
2016-05-19 Ashok Babu ChannaMerge "Merge branch '1.1-rel'"
2016-05-16 Thiago MacieiraMerge branch '1.1-rel' 27/8027/25
2016-04-11 David AntlerMerge branch 'master' into windows-port 45/7745/1
2016-03-14 Jee Hyeok KimFix main buildscript build order 05/5605/4
2016-03-07 Madan LankaMerge "Merge branch 'simulator'."
2016-03-07 Jee Hyeok KimMerge "Merge branch 'cloud-interface'"
2016-03-07 Jee Hyeok KimMerge branch 'cloud-interface' 79/5479/2
2016-03-07 Jee Hyeok KimMerge "Merge branch 'master' into cloud-interface"...
2016-03-07 Jee Hyeok KimSample client for IoTivity Cloud feature 29/5229/8
2016-02-26 Jee Hyeok KimMerge branch 'master' into cloud-interface 37/5137/9
2015-11-12 lankamadanMerge branch 'master' into easysetup 63/4163/3
2015-10-12 Harish Kumara MarappaMerge branch 'master' into simulator 35/3835/1
2015-09-30 Habib VirjiMerge Resource Directory into the master 49/2749/5
2015-09-28 Sachin AgrawalMerge branch 'security-CKM' into 'master' 31/3231/1
2015-09-25 K.J. KaoMerge branch 'remote-access2' 87/2887/6
2015-09-20 Joseph MorrowMerge branch 'plugin-interface' into master 99/2799/1 1.0.0-RC1
2015-09-20 Habib VirjiUpdate RD with latest master 95/2795/1
2015-09-20 Sachin AgrawalMerge branch 'security-summit' into 'master' 89/2789/2
2015-09-19 Joseph MorrowInitial commit of "Plugin Interface" & supporting direc... 65/2765/3
2015-09-19 Dmitrii ZhuravlevMerge branch 'security-CKM' into 'master' 53/2753/3
2015-09-19 Harish Kumara MarappaMerge branch 'simulator' 83/2783/1
2015-09-19 Younghyun JooMerge "Merge branch 'master' into resource-encapsulatio... 79/2779/1
2015-09-19 Younghyun JooMerge branch 'master' into resource-encapsulation 77/2777/1
2015-09-18 Ravi NanjundappaAdd file and generate iotivity.pc file 78/2378/5
2015-05-21 Erich KeaneEnable compiler coloring in build terminal 53/1053/3
2015-05-20 Jay SharmaMerging primitive services(TM, SSM and NM) from android... 36/1036/4
2015-05-15 Tim KourtAndroid Base API merge to master 94/894/11
2015-04-17 HyunJun KimFix soft-sensor manager build failure. 54/754/3
2015-04-10 Erich KeaneMerge branch 'connectivity-abstraction' to master 92/692/20
2015-04-09 Rahul RahulGlib patch for Gnome-glib android build 23/623/11 connectivity-abstraction
2015-04-08 Charlie LenahanEnable compilation and functionality on darwin(osx) 68/668/6
2015-03-30 Charlie Lenahanchanges to build CSDK for iOS, make .frameworks 96/596/3
2015-03-26 Charlie Lenahanchanges to build csdk for os x(darwin) 81/581/3
2015-03-19 Jon A. CruzDo not try to build OICMiddle examples on arduino. 17/517/2
2015-03-18 Sakthivel SamiduraiChangeset for reviewing RI-CA integration changes. 01/401/10
2015-03-13 Ossama OthmanDo not bother with C++11 check on C SDK-only platforms. 69/469/2
2015-03-10 Ossama OthmanDo not hardcode path separators in build paths. 56/456/2
2015-02-09 Caiwen ZhangAdd external package management support 38/138/9
2015-01-31 Sashi PentaBuild OICMiddle using Scons on CA branch 74/274/3
2014-12-25 Sudarshan PrasadMerge "scons changes for connectivity-abstraction branc...
2014-12-24 Sudarshan PrasadMerge "Updates occlientbasicops to include (resource...
2014-12-24 Sudarshan PrasadMerge "[CA-Integration] fix for presence." into connect...
2014-12-23 Sudarshan PrasadMerge "Remove the dead code" into connectivity-abstraction
2014-12-23 Sudarshan PrasadMerge from master to connectivity-abstraction branch 25/25/1
2014-12-19 sudarshan prasadMerge "Replaced sprintf with snprintf in the sdk to...
2014-12-19 Patrick LankswertMerge changes Ie4233a5c,I4d7aba08
2014-12-19 sudarshan prasadMerge "Fixed Warning in OCException"
2014-12-19 Uze ChoiMerge "Add scons script and things manager samples."
2014-12-19 Soyoung YounAdd scons script and things manager samples.
2014-12-17 sudarshan prasadMerge "Added code to send close_notify alert when OC...
2014-12-16 sudarshan prasadMerge "Fixed server crash on empty client payload"
2014-12-16 sudarshan prasadMerge "Fixed UnitTest crash when getting JSON from...
2014-12-15 Uze ChoiMerge "There are Two modifications. 1. Restucturing...
2014-12-13 sudarshan prasadMerge "Fixed IOT-110--Crash on destruction"
2014-12-11 sudarshan prasadMerge "Implementation of connectivity abstraction featu...
2014-12-11 Sudarshan PrasadMerge branch 'master' into connectivity-abstraction
2014-12-11 Patrick LankswertMerge "Update build scripts"
2014-12-08 Caiwen ZhangUpdate build scripts
2014-11-06 William R. DieterRepo Merge: Moving resource API down a directory
2014-10-08 Erich KeaneMerge "Revert "Fix to remove quotes around array of...
2014-10-08 Erich KeaneMerge "1. Fix for IOT-58. Set the resourceInterfaceName...
2014-10-08 Erich KeaneMerge "Fix compile error"
2014-10-08 Erich KeaneMerge "Broke out build script into variability.. Added...
2014-10-08 Erich KeaneMerge "Updated example program."
2014-10-08 Caiwen ZhangBuild system base on scons(oic-resource)